1883 Inverted Pleat (Blue)


Offering more than a bold blue, this uniquely blended fabric incorporates 27% ramie fibers, which are prized for their ability to hold shape, reduce wrinkling, and carry a slight luster.

Hamilton’s shirt making expertise applied to a softer constructed sport shirt designed for casual versatility. Shorter tail for the option to wear untucked. Italian fabric. Hand cut and sewn in the USA.

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Shirt ID: 18F-C-F318514
Fabric ID: F3.18514
Blue 73% Cotton/27% Ramie Solid
Blend: 73% Cotton/27% Ramie
Model: 1883 Inverted Pleat
Front: 1883 F*
Back: IP
Button: 1883
Stitch: R
Collar Style: 1883 M
Collar Fabric: S
Collar Lining: SOFT
Cuff Style: SOFT B
Cuff Cut: R
Cuff Fabric: S
Sleeve Placket Button: Y
Pocket Style: PR-IP
Pocket QTY: 2
Remarks: *(Front) Stitch Down F Front–Single Stitch Left / Double Stitch Right Edge **(Pocket) Plain Round Inverted Pleat w/ Cap & Button. Triangular Piece On Bottom Center. Oversized. See Style Guide for Dimensions.