Calder Check (Teal)


This two-toned grid check benefits from the diagonal weave of twill fabrics, giving each band of color a subtle visual texture where the white ground comes through. Additionally, the softness of this twill fabric makes it exceedingly comfortable, an ideal characteristic for layering up during the colder parts of the season.

Whether workweek or weekend, our classic sport shirt is always appropriate. Designed to be worn tucked-in, it’s suitable to wear whenever, wherever. Hand cut and sewn in the USA.

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Shirt ID: 18F-H-M618559
Fabric ID: M6.18559
Teal w/ Grey and White Check Twill
Blend: 100% Cotton
Model: Classic Sport Button Down
Front: CP
Back: BP
Button: 1883
Stitch: R
Collar Style: BD
Collar Fabric: S
Collar Lining: E60
Cuff Style: E60 B
Cuff Cut: R
Cuff Fabric: S
Sleeve Placket Button: Y
Pocket Style: H
Pocket QTY: 1
Remarks: NA