Edwards Stripe


In addition to a lightweight feel, this navy shirt features a distinctive pencil stripe motif created by tiny white dots only discernible up close. This effect visually softens the stripes from a distance to create an alluring, yet approachable look that's well suited to professional and casual situations.

Whether workweek or weekend, our classic sport shirt is always appropriate. Designed to be worn tucked-in, it’s suitable to wear whenever, wherever. Hand cut and sewn in the USA.

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Shirt ID: 18F-H-J518007
Fabric ID: J5.18007
Navy w/ White Stripe
Blend: 100% Cotton
Model: Classic Sport Spread
Front: CP
Back: BP
Button: 1883
Stitch: R
Collar Style: JS
Collar Fabric: S
Collar Lining: E60
Cuff Style: E60 B
Cuff Cut: R
Cuff Fabric: S
Sleeve Placket Button: Y
Pocket Style: H
Pocket QTY: 1
Remarks: NA