Avery Check


Whether from across the room or up close, this shirt is well worthy of attention. Its complex check pattern is predominantly created by areas of muted black, navy, blue and white—with broadly spaced bands of green for added interest. Up close, the pattern reveals smaller areas where fine lines of slightly contrasting hues create a grid-like texture throughout the check as well.

America's finest dress shirt since 1883. Italian fabric. Hand cut and sewn in the USA. Tailored fit.

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Shirt ID: 18S-H-M618081
Fabric ID: M6.18081
Green w/ Navy and Blue Check Poplin
Blend: 100% Cotton
Model: Classic Sport Spread
Front: CP
Back: BP
Button: 1883
Stitch: R
Collar Style: JS
Collar Fabric: S
Collar Lining: E60
Cuff Style: E60 B
Cuff Cut: R
Cuff Fabric: S
Sleeve Placket Button: Y
Pocket Style: H
Pocket QTY: 1
Remarks: NA