Oliver Check (Green)


This classic tri-tone gingham is accentuated by the tiniest of outlines that traces each intersection of color, adding an added sense of structure and dimension to an already timeless shirt.

America's finest dress shirt since 1883. Swiss fabric. Hand cut and sewn in the USA.

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Shirt ID: 19F-HD-M619570
Fabric ID: M6.19570
Blue w/ Green and White Check Poplin
Blend: 100% Cotton
Model: Dress Spread w/ Button Cuff
Front: CP
Back: P
Button: P
Stitch: R
Collar Style: HS
Collar Fabric: S
Collar Lining: R
Cuff Style: B
Cuff Cut: R
Cuff Fabric: S
Sleeve Placket Button: Y
Pocket Style: X
Pocket QTY: X
Remarks: NA