Hyde Bengal


An exercise in subtlety, what may appear as a straightforward bengal stripe actually features two slightly different, alternating blue hues (cornflower and dusty) to create an understated intrigue and provide a bit more depth for pairing with other garments or accessories.

America's finest dress shirt since 1883. Hand cut and sewn in the USA.

    "P7.20193 \u0026\u0026 Cornflower Blue w\/ Dusty Blue and White Stripe Poplin \u0026\u0026 100% Cotton \u0026\u0026 \/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/1056\/3174\/products\/p720193_2x_83061654-0980-408e-ba02-e9d089a4abd8_compact.jpg?v=1580323090"

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