Percy Check


This soft and lightweight poplin check creates a handsome contrast between navy pattern and the white ground, which can nonetheless work appropriately across casual and professional settings alike.

Whether workweek or weekend, our classic sport shirt is always appropriate. Designed to be worn tucked-in, it’s suitable to wear whenever, wherever. Hand cut and sewn in the USA.

    "M6.19110 \u0026\u0026 Ecru w\/ Navy Check Poplin \u0026\u0026 100% Cotton \u0026\u0026 \/\/\/s\/files\/1\/1056\/3174\/products\/m619110_2x_9066071c-8d77-4a71-8673-547b0e9cd7f3_compact.jpg?v=1580323332"
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Shirt ID: 20S-HCS-M619110
Fabric ID: M6.19110