Windsor Stripe


Beyond the signature softness of this luxurious poplin fabric, this shirt is all about stripes. Featuring a repeating set of navy stripes in varying widths against a white ground, this sport shirt can be worn as-is, dressed up, or dressed down to suit any situation.

Whether workweek or weekend, our classic sport shirt is always appropriate. Designed to be worn tucked-in, it’s suitable to wear whenever, wherever. Hand cut and sewn in the USA.

    "M6.20256 \u0026\u0026 Navy w\/ White Stripe Poplin \u0026\u0026 100% Cotton \u0026\u0026 \/\/\/s\/files\/1\/1056\/3174\/products\/m620256_2x_77d115a6-9101-450e-8d8a-4966164601cd_compact.jpg?v=1580323110"

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Shirt ID: 20F-HCS-M620256
Fabric ID: M6.20256